You're Always Winning at Golden Pony Casino!

The minute you walk through the doors at the Golden Pony Casino you’re a valued friend, and we always want our friends to have the best gaming experience possible. And that doesn’t just mean winning. It means taking the time to ask you how you’re doing, to remember what your favorite games are and most importantly, making you feel like you’re at home every time you play. When you need to get your game on, The Golden Pony Casino has more ways for you to find your jackpot. Choose from over 400 of today’s latest and most popular slot machines, including Mr. Money Bags, Cash Wizard, Money Vault, Lucky Duck and more. Plus, you can always sign up for a Gold Card and take your winning to the next level! With so many ways to win, you’ll be entertained for hours. But don’t worry, you can always recharge at the Golden Pony Cafe from 8 am – 10 pm Sunday – Thursday and 8 am – Midnight Friday and Saturday. Call us at 918-582-GOLD to place your order!

Join Our Gold Club

The Rewards Never End!

When you’re here, we also want you to win as much as possible. That’s why Golden Pony Casino guests can sign up for the Gold Club rewards program, which offers points for play and opportunities to participate in daily promotions and events. Your Gold Card is your personal key to unlocking all the excitement our casino has to offer.

Enjoy Great Rewards Including:

  • Entries into exciting promotion and giveaways every month
  • A special birthday gift for your big day
  • Exclusive invitations for events, special offers and members-only perks!
  • New members receive $15 FREE PLAY just for signing up!

And remember the points you earn can be redeemed for a wide range of prizes, trips and other special Gold Club offers. For more information on how to redeem your points you can always speak to a helpful representative at the Gold Club Desk, who will be happy to assist you.


Welcome to the new Gold Club!

Play the games you love while earning exclusive benefits and rewards – it’s your ticket to more points, better perks, and faster rewards.

Golden Pony Casino Player's Club Tier Cards
Golden Pony Casino Tiered Card Program Chart


A: Joining is fast, free and easy! Simply visit the Players Club with a valid government issued photo ID to receive your Gold Club card. You will be asked to provide a four-digit PIN. Your benefits will begin as soon as you enroll!

A: It’s simple. Insert and keep your card in any electronic game every time you play to earn points. With the new Gold Club, $1 coin in = 1 Point on any electronic game (excluding free play). 

A: 500 Points = $1 in Free Play. You may redeem your points at any electronic game with your secured PIN.

A: The Gold Club has three levels of membership and is based on earned base points over a 6 month qualification period. (January through June and July through December). All new members start at the Gold level, and with each level advancement you unlock additional rewards and benefits (see benefits chart for specifics).

Gold = No base point minimum; Platinum = 10,000 base points; Diamond = 75,000 base points

A: Your membership card never expires, but the base points reset after each 6 month qualification period (January 1 and July 1). Base points earned from January 1- June 30 qualify you for your card level for the following 6 month period.  If you advance your card level during a qualification period, you immediately receive that card level and the benefits associated – and keep that level for the following 6 month period. 

A: When you meet the base point requirement to maintain your current status during a qualification period, your card level will remain the same and you will have the following 6 month period to maintain your current level or upgrade to the next level. 

A: You will automatically be upgraded to the next card level if you surpass the base point requirement within a qualification period. Stop by the Players Club to receive your new card and begin enjoying your new 

benefits! You will then keep that level for the following 6 month period (with the opportunity to keep accruing base points to upgrade to the next level.)

A: If you do not meet the base point requirement to maintain your current card level by the end of a qualification period, you will be issued a new card based on your qualified level and your membership benefits will change to reflect your new level. You will then have six months to maintain or upgrade to the next level.

A: You will still be able to play electronic games and your benefits will be immediately available with your current card. However, you will need to visit the Players Club to get a new card that reflects your current card level.

A: You can check your point status at the Players Club by presenting a valid photo ID.

A: Points only expire after 12 months of account inactivity.

A: Simply go to the Players Club and we will be happy to replace your card (valid government issued photo ID will be required).

A: If you forget your PIN or have been locked out from entering the incorrect PIN too many times, you can have your PIN reset at the Players Club by presenting a valid photo ID. Remember to create a PIN that is easy for you to remember but cannot be easily guessed by others.

A: All offers are based on your play on your Gold Club card, and each promotion we offer has different criteria. Even though you came together with somebody and initially inserted the same amount of money, your play will never be identical to them. Criteria used for each mailer is unique. Qualification is not based on how much money you come in with. Always make sure your card is properly inserted and active so we can extend to you the best offers possible.

A: Please visit the Players Club for any questions regarding the Golden Pony Gold Club.